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Slimline LED PanelsThe latest technology LED Super Screens for all indoor and outdoor big screen video applications. LED Superscreens can be watched from a wide viewing angle to accommodate large audiences in restricted viewing areas. Distance is not a problem, Superscreens are large enough and bright enough to be watched from almost any distance. They are also the only solution for outdoor situations or any area with high ambient light conditions.

At ANSO SuperScreens we can customise a big screen video solution to meet your requirements. We have Super Screens to accommodate everything from static image digital signage up to high speed refresh for watching sports.

LED technology is modular which means that small LED modules can be changed out during servicing to ensure long term high quality results and zero downtime. Our super screens are designed for permanent outdoor installations, semi-outdoor areas and indoor locations as well.

High quality super screens are now a mandatory requirement at sporting stadiums and are rapidly becoming a requirement at smaller sporting club venues. Many hotels and pubs are now installing LED super screens into entertainment rooms and outdoor areas to stand out from their competition, while schools and universities are using LED super screens to promote the highest levels of communication and entertainment for their students and parents. Conference Centres and Function Rooms are also using LED Super Screens to open up new areas for business, while ensuring they keep up with client demands in today's digital world.

Contact ANSO SuperScreens today and find out how we can customise a BIG screen for your application.

Recent SuperScreens News

Recent SuperScreen News

Davey's Hotel, Frankston, installs a stunning LED Concert Package.

Daveys Hotel Concert graphics LED screen Davey's Hotel, located in Frankston's entertainment hub, is one of the best known pubs in the area. To hold their position as 'Frankston's favourite night spot' they had ANSO SuperScreens install a multi-use visual entertainment package.

The Manhattan Hotel, Ringwood, installs Melbournes largest Pub Superscreen.

News Manhattan Big TVThe Manhattan Hotel is one of the eastern suburbs oldest and largest pubs.
To cement their position as 'the place to go' they recently had ANSO SuperScreens install a 3.5m wide by 2m tall LED SuperScreen.

Digital Scoreboards Revolutionise Sports Clubs

Media and interaction are 2 things the youth of today demand in their everyday lives. LED digital scoreboards not only get youth members attention but can improve a clubs profile and fundraising. The flexibility of not only being able to display the game scores but also having the ability to show dynamic sponsor ads is proving to be very valuable to sports clubs. Static signage is fast becoming an outdated method of advertising. Give value to your sponsors by changing their message or special offers every week.

How Digital Signage Can Combat Showrooming

Showrooming is the practice of researching products in a retail store and then finding the cheapest deal for that product on-line. This presents an ongoing problem for retailers who spend time and effort with customers that will never result in a sale. The positive we can take from this is it does get consumers into your store, where you can expose them to other products and in-store promotions. At this point it is up to the retailer to captivate potential customers and make a sale before they leave to purchase elsewhere.

The LED A3 100" Plasma Replacement

A3 101inch LED TVNEW PRODUCT - Our new A3 101" LED video screen is fast becoming the product of choice to replace those costly 100" plasma TV's We've been listening to the market place and what we're hearing is the plasma option is expensive and doesn't last.

ANSO SuperScreens

Manhattan SuperScreen

A perfect addition to the 'Lager Bar' beer garden at the Manhattan Hotel is the new 7sqm (3.5m x 2m) outdoor LED video SuperScreen for all to enjoy. View the install time lapse.


Recent SuperScreens

The Lord of the Isles Tavern in Newtown, now offers a 3.75 square metre LED Superscreen installed recently. View a quick time lapse sequence of the SuperScreen being installed and tested.