Conference Centres and Function Rooms

Todays business and social event clientele are well into the 21st century digital revolution. So make sure your venue has the right technology to attract their business.
Why not give your clients the LED SuperScreen WOW factor!

In the ever evolving business culture more and more companies are investing in seminars, training courses and team bulding excercises. Have you considered making your outdoor areas available for such events? The biggest hurdle with running outdoor events is the ability to show presentations or corporate videos.

Not any more, with LED SuperScreens outdoor and high brightness areas are what we're tailored for!

We can provide fixed installation BIG screens to face an existing courtyard or why not use a portable 101" or 115" LED SuperTV and have the flexibility to use it wherever your clients want to be.

Our LED BIG Screens can be customised to your requirements and can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted.

But text can be very hard to read on LED screens, I hear you ask. Don't worry, we can provide expert advice on what text sizes display best on your screen so your clients get the most dynamic result, everytime.

Our LED SuperScreens can handle every video signal imaginable, so no matter what device your clients are using we can display it.
From plain old composite video to VGA, HDMI and above, our SuperScreens will fulfill your clients needs.


Nearly every social event held these days comes with a picture slide show or presentation for the guests to enjoy. Just think about the last 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, engagement party, wedding reception or even funeral that you have been to. Chances are there was a slide show highlighting or embarrasing the guest of honour.

Give parties at your venue the WOW factor that an LED SuperScreen brings.

Whether it's a permanently mounted BIG screen in your function room or one of our 101" or 115" LED SuperTV's, our screens will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Make sure YOURS is the venue that everyone is talking about.
LED SuperScreens stand out from the crowd and no other Video display can match our brightness, impact and size.
Ask us about our new LED dancefloor options to give your venue the edge over your competition.

LED BIG Screens are robust and have a very long life span. Over the long term they are far more valuable and economical than traditional video display systems.
A key benefit of LED SuperScreens is that they are modular. Unlike a TV or projector, if your LED screen malfunctions we simply fix it onsite, without the need to take the display away for repair.

The success of your event is our priority which is why we provide over the phone support, on-site service and repairs.
We can also provide remote monitoring options, so you can rest assured someone is making sure your BIG screen always looks its best.


Contact ANSO SuperScreens today and let us customise a solution for your needs.