Conventional Outdoor Series

Conventional Outdoor Big Screen Video PanelsThe ANSO SuperScreen Outdoor Series is a conventional LED panel with superior size, brightness and affordability.

Our Conventional Outdoor Series start from 5m2 up to whatever size your budget dictates. In the LED screen world 'Conventional' simply refers to a larger style cabinet with each video pixel consisting of individual Red, Green and Blue LED's.

These BIG video screens are built for the Victorian climate with weatherproof ratings of IP65 front and IP54 rear. Which means no matter how nasty the weather your SuperScreen will always perfom.

Sunlight is the largest enemy of any video display, except ours! With 5,500 nits brightness, our outdoor series can still perform in direct sunlight.

We also use 'Pixel Sharing Technology' which translates to, each video pixel being shared with the ones around it at a very fast rate. This tricks the human eye into seeing more resolution than the physical device is capable of. In other words, better picture, less expense.

The conventional Outdoor Series is available in 10mm, 12mm (virtual 6mm), 16 (v8), 20 (v10) & 25mm (v12.5mm) pixel pitches.



IP65 Complete weather defense - Offers complete protection against dust, water, moisture, corrosive precipitation.

Extremely Bright Screens - 5,500 nits brightness means that it can stiil be watched even in full sunlight.

Pixel Sharing Technology - It doesn't quite double the resolution of your screen, But it DOES LOOK TWICE AS GOOD!

Conventional Design - While not the lightest or thinest these panels have durability and affordability in mind.

Advanced video processing - Provides 16 bit image processing for 281 trillion colors resulting in a crystal-clear picture with true-to-life color reproduction.

Tight selection of LEDs - to give uniform colors across the entire display surface.


As a general rule of thumb:
When selecting an outdoor Super Screen pixel pitch, for every 1mm of pitch the audience should be 1m away.