LED Superscreens for Family Entertainment Venues

Give the added WOW factor to your venue that an LED superScreen brings!

Kids these days have access to smart phones by age 2, so unless you have all the bells and whistles you just won't get their attention. Give your venue a new age facelift by installing some BIG video screens.

Run new events to get those Families walking back into your venue time and time again.

Imagine playing your favourite video games on a 203" display. At a whopping 4.5m wide by 2.5m tall, means the characters could be BIGGER than YOU! or not only being able to do karaoke but seeing yourself on the BIG screen like a real Rock Star.

Show movie trailers or your own TV commercials.

Run your Jukebox filmclips up on something everyone can see.

If your venue hosts parties why not give your customers the ability to put up photos, videos and presentations.

Run a BIG clear scoreboard that everyone can see and is easy to use.

Be progressive, give back to the community and allocate screen time to local volunteer groups and High School Media Student projects.

Provide live time and weather information in your area and display news feed headlines.

Why not run a section along the bottom of your screen for live TXT messages, so your customers can send a message to a loved one.

Everyone loves to see themselves on TV, a section of your screen could host a live camera from within your venue.

Provide an active backdrop for any productions or entertainers in your venue.

Display meal ticket numbers, keno or bingo results, lyrics for karaoke.

Is your business in the middle of a shopping complex with no Natural light? Don't worry, we can create virtual windows so your customers feel like they have outdoor views.

Want to make your entrance the fanciest? Ask us about our LED Screen archway.


Our LED SuperScreens come in a range of sizes and flavours, so we can help you choose the system that best suits your audience and budget. And as you can see, we've got just a few innovative ideas to share with you.

LED SuperScreens can give you a great platform to better promote upcoming events and specials. Sell advertising space to your suppliers or surrounding retailers.

Run live TV the whole venue can watch, rather than trying to use 20 flatscreens.

From fast refresh LED video screens to LED digital signage, LED scoreboards, LED dancefloors and feature enhancing LED structures, Contact ANSO SuperScreens to help you with the solution.


Attract more customers, keep them in your venue longer!