Frequently Asked Questions - Screen Viewing

Funnily, in some instances that can just be a fly on the screen. If it won't shoo away then there may be a dead LED on your screen.
Contact our service team today and we can simply repace the module with a dead LED and take it away for repair.

Not with our screens. You have the ability to choose any Colour temperature between 3,200 K and 9,300 K.
Which means you can move from warm red colours right up to blueish whites.
Our LED screen technicians will select the best settings for your video content so your screen images look as natural as possible.

Yes, with a little extra equipment we can give you the ability to split your SuperScreen into multiple previews or video sources.

That is like asking will a car go 250 Kph. Some can, some can't.
We only use a reputable brand LED screen that has a very high refresh rate (over 4,000 Hz).
Some products you will find flooding the market are cheaper, but that comes at a cost.
Only quality companies use fast refresh rates and a good brand of tightly batched LED's, which will ensure you always have a sharp picture with fast action and clearer more uniform colours.

That comes down to your screens pixel pitch and viewing distance. At ANSO SuperScreens we will help you select the best product for your intended audience.
As a rule of thumb, for outdoor screens with individual Red Green & Blue LED's, your screens pixel pitch equates to how far away in metres your audience should be. i.e. A SuperScreen with a 12mm pixel pitch will look best from 12m or further away.
When it comes to indoor and semi-outdoor screens with Red Green & Blue in the one LED package (or SMD LED's), 3/4 of your pixel pitch will give you a comfortable viewing distance. i.e. A SuperScreen with a 5mm SMD pixel pitch will look best from 3.75m or further away.