Frequently Asked Questions - Service & Maintennce

Some of that depends on the environment it's working in. But generally at least 3 times a year.
Remember, it's a focal point of your business so you want it looking good!

Definitely not. First rule of entertainment, the show must go on.
LED screens are modular and our SuperScreens come with a compliment of spare parts. Our LED screen technicians can normally resolve the problem on the spot, meaning minimal downtime to your business.
Should it be a serious problem our technicians have ways to minimise the result and get as much of your screen working as possible.

No. Comparatively it is much the same as other equipment that requires regular servicing.

Yes is the simple answer.
Think of it like a car, regular servicing by our specialist LED screen technicians will greatly increase the longevity of your screen and always keep the best appearance possible.
An LED SuperScreen is a focal point, so you want it to reflect well on your business and always look it's best.

Firstly, Our SuperScreens are of good quality and very reliable, however, if you're worried there is an extended Warranty option that will safeguard your LED screen for up to 36 months.

Yes, certainly. Our Technicians have experience with all the major brands as well as some obscure ones.
We can have a look at your screen, assess it's condition and provide a routine maintenance plan to keep your screen looking its best.