Indoor Series

AirLed 3 Indoor Big Screen Video PanelsThe ANSO SuperScreen AirLED Indoor Series are ultra-lightweight, ultra-slimline with totally seamless screen construction. They are best suited for areas with high ambient light where traditional screens suffer from glare.

With extremely close viewing distances and wide viewing angles the look of the screens themselves is only surpassed by the look of the picture on the screen.

The AirLED Series are available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 10mm Pixel pitch, which means we can optimise the best screen for your particular viewing distance.

They also come in 3 different brightness options so we can choose a level that suits your needs and means you are only paying for what you require.

All AirLED panels use 3 in 1 SMD LED's. What does this mean? Well it translates to Red, Green and Blue are all in one surface mounted LED, meaning you get tighter resolution and sharper images on your SuperScreen.

Want better contrast ratios? Up-spec your AirLED SuperScreen to black bodied or black faced SMD LEDs to increase your contrast ratio.

The AirLED Range is built from aluminum components keeping its weight lower than any other options in the market. The panels design is built around quick and simple access making components easily replaceable during service or maintenance. All AirLED series now come with the new design advanced light trap louver. This enhances contrast and brightness performance in very bright areas.


High Brightness - Screen Brightness up to 1,500 Nits

Ultra Slim Cabinets – only 65mm deep

Ultra Light Cabinet – only 7kg each (28kg per square metre)

Unique fanless design meaning almost silent operation

Incredible depth of colour - 16 bit image processing capable of 281 Trillion colours

Low power consumption – average of 60w/panel

Seamless design - Panel structure made of precision extruded aluminium.


Real white, brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscale!