LED Superscreen Solutions

Indoor Series SuperScreen Panels


AirLed 3 Indoor Big Screen Video PanelsThe ANSO SuperScreen AirLED Indoor Series are ultra-lightweight, ultra-slimline with totally seamless screen construction. They are best suited for areas with high ambient light where traditional screens suffer from glare.

With extremely close viewing distances and wide viewing angles the look of the screens themselves is only surpassed by the look of the picture on the screen.

They also come in 3 different brightness options so we can choose a level that suits your needs and means you are only paying for what you require.

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Premium Outdoor Series SuperScreen Panels


AirLed Outdoor Big Screen Video Panels - frontThe ANSO SuperScreen Premium Outdoor Series are smaller, thinner, lighter and use a vertically arranged pixel to produce the sharpest image possible!

The advantage of vertically arranged pixels is a Wide viewing angle and no colour fringing if you are on the left or right side of the screen.

This high performance LED screen combines 'pixel sharing technology', high 5,500 Nits brightness and advanced light trap louver's to provide brilliant video quality in all conditions.

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Semi-Outdoor Series SuperScreen Panels


Semi-Outdoor Series Big Screen Video PanelsThe ANSO SuperScreen AirLED Semi-Outdoor Series are weather resistant screens. Super bright and ultra-light, with totally seamless screen construction!

They are best suited for covered outdoor areas with high ambient light where traditional screens just don't work. Designed to maintain a widescreen aspect ratio, but we can also customise a size to your requirements.

With high-performance and cost-efficiency, this LED display quickly became the most popular type during 2012.

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Conventional Outdoor Series SuperScreen Panels


Conventional Outdoor Big Screen Video PanelsThe ANSO SuperScreen Outdoor Series is a conventional LED panel with superior size, brightness and affordability.

Our Conventional Outdoor Series start from 5m2 up to whatever size your budget dictates. In the LED screen world 'Conventional' simply refers to a larger style cabinet with each video pixel consisting of individual Red, Green and Blue LED's.

These BIG video screens are built for the Victorian climate with weatherproof ratings of IP65 both front and rear. Which means no matter how nasty the weather your SuperScreen will always perfom.

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