The LED A3 100" Plasma Replacement

A3 101inch LED TVNEW PRODUCT - Our new A3 101" LED video screen is fast becoming the product of choice to replace those costly 100" plasma TV's We've been listening to the market place and what we're hearing is the plasma option is expensive and doesn't last.

Our A3 option is brighter and lighter than a Plasma, with lower power consumption and has a lifespan of 15 years compared to only 3 or 4 years with a plasma. The advantages of an A3 101" LED screen don't stop there. The A3 is suitable for low light, bright light and semi-outdoor applications, does not suffer from glare and has no viewing angle restrictions.


In addition to the above benefits it has automatic brightness control meaning it will look just right at any time of day without staff having to worry about it.

With a 3mm pixel pitch the A3 101" LED screen provides the most stunning looking LED screen you will find!
Your business deserves the latest and greatest in Big Screen Video.

Contact us today to discuss how the A3 101" LED TV can improve your business.