Davey's Hotel, Frankston, installs a stunning LED Concert Package.

Daveys Hotel Concert graphics LED screen Davey's Hotel, located in Frankston's entertainment hub, is one of the best known pubs in the area. To hold their position as 'Frankston's favourite night spot' they had ANSO SuperScreens install a multi-use visual entertainment package. This installation has a high resolution 115" video screen (2.5m x 1.5m) as its centre piece, flanked by two nightclub effect LED Blade screens that are 3 square metres each (2m x 1.5m). The end result is a wall of visual nirvana that projectors and flatscreens simply can't compete with.


This complete LED entertainment system has a dedicated graphics package to display and mix video graphics, creating a professional backdrop for DJ's and a canvas for VJ artists. When live bands are performing the high resolution centre screen shows band logos, artwork or film clips while the LED Blade runs video graphics to complete the live concert experience. During the day the 115" AirLED5 superscreen becomes a big pub TV, bringing live sporting action and any TV event to life.

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