LED SuperScreens for Schools and Universities

Enhance the profile of your school or university with a state of the art LED Super Screen. Whether it be for indoor big screen applications such as halls and auditoriums, or outdoor applications such as front signage, scoreboards, courtyards and outdoor meeting areas.

The addition of an LED video screen to a private school or university can have many benefits for school to parent communication, enhanced school events, school promotion and advertising, and can become a well used tool for daily school to student communications. A super screen can be an advantage in many ways to make your school or university stand out from your competitors. Does your school go that extra mile to give students the latest in technology? Can you boast having something that other institutes don't? Then give us a call to discuss what we can do to boost your reputation.

Our LED Super Screens are the latest in Big Screen Video technology. We have a range of indoor and outdoor LED video screens depending on your application. The outdoor varieties are completely waterproof from the front making them well suited to the harsh Victorian conditions. LED video screens are the only choice for outdoor applications as they are high brightness for daytime viewing. Unlike older style displays that are only effective in darker locations. Additionally LED Super Screens are excellent for wide viewing angle applications.

LED video screens are modular and can be constructed in varying sizes from 1.75m2 (80") up to what ever size you like. They have a seamless construction so no matter what size you choose it looks like one big display.

Where you would like to put your LED SuperScreen is completely up to you. We have mounting options for stand alone, mobile, hanging, wall or floor mounted LED big screens.


LED big video screens can be a valuable tool in the education environment:

- For school announcements and reminders

- As a scoreboard for nearly any sport you can think of

- For showing media student projects

- Used as an outdoor teaching aid

- Communication between school and parents

- Special event days/nights to watch sporting events like the Olympics

- Run training or educational videos that the whole school can watch

- Multi-media tool for guest speakers or performers

- Fundraising opportunities like hosting movie nights or video game competitions


We have a range of products to suit your requirements and budget.
Be at the cutting edge in school promotion, communication and entertainment. Contact ANSO SuperScreens for more information.