LED SuperScreens for Stadiums

Large scale video screens have become expected by sport fans and concert goers at all major stadiums and entertainment centres. LED Super Screens are the ideal solution for outdoor applications that are used in day and night viewing situations.

For full speed video playback applications such as live sport or replay ability, we can customise a super screen solution to ensure you get the results you expect.

LED Super Screens are also extremely good for wide angle viewing which makes them ideal for circular stadiums where viewers can be anywhere within the 180 view of the screen.

The latest advancemen ts in LED Super Screens provide brighter LEDs for enhanced colour, finer pitch, meaning smaller gaps between the LEDs for improved resolution, faster refresh rates for better video motion and lower power consumption for reduced costs.

From Basketball to Water Polo, we can provide a sport scoring package to suit your needs.  With the ability to score wirelessly using a Laptop or iPad.

So don't bother with a custom scoreboard and separate video screen, we can give you a high brightness daytime viewable solution that meets all your needs.


At ANSO SuperScreens we can provide very cost effective solutions that provide excellent results, supported by ongoing maintenance and Support.

We are dedicated to providing long term Big Screen Video solutions to ensure you are providing the best experience for your patrons.