Why LED SuperScreens?


Point of Difference

You need as many valuable points of difference from the competition as you can possibly muster. And the ‘competition’ in this sense is not just other venues, it includes staying at home and other ways to spend leisure time rather than going to the local pub/club.

Have other venues in your area got SuperScreens that effectively display sports and other events day and night? If the answer is no then what a great opportunity for you to get in first! If the answer is yes then you need to ensure you catch up to maximise your chance of wrestling customers back from them!

Have you only got 50” or 60” Plasmas in your venue? Well, most people have these same TVs (or bigger) in their lounge rooms these days – give them a reason to get off the couch and come to your venue.

Create Events

It may sound a touch strange but having a SuperScreen at your venue allows you to create events… Anything you can think of to fill in the following gap becomes an event for you – ‘Come and watch the …….. on the Big Screen!’

Sure, there are obvious events like the footy and the cricket but what about the events that people may not usually come to the pub or club to watch? Like the tennis? How about Premier League Soccer? Formula One? Moto GP? What about the SuperBowl or FA Cup Final?

Become the destination venue for sporting events!

No sporting events on? Do what many of our clients do and run movie nights or run a Wii, X-box or Playstation competition – the possibilities are endless!

Basically, the BIG screen provides you with a huge range of entertainment options that, if promoted properly, result in more money over your bar, more meals sold and more dollars through gaming machines!

Attract New Clientele

For every venue there is a huge range of people, even within the local area, that go elsewhere. A SuperScreen gives them a reason to come back and try your venue again, which then gives you the chance to convert them into loyal customers through everything else you do so well.

The best thing about attracting new clientele is that it helps to feed all of your profit centres – they come in to watch the footy and have a couple of beers but they stay for a meal, try their luck on the gaming machines and buy a bottle of wine to take home before they leave.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect more and more everyday… Expectations are constantly evolving but the one expectation that doesn’t change is that customers expect you to provide them with an experience they can’t have at home (or at another venue). A BIG screen is a huge part of fulfilling that expectation.

Focal Point for Marketing

A SuperScreen immediately becomes a new focal point for marketing both within the venue and in your external promotions.

Imagine BIG Screen TV Guides on the tables in your sports bar or beer garden. Or the BIG Screen movie guide for the month…

Imagine emailing your client database with the guide for the weekend. Imagine promoting tennis, soccer from all over the world, football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, cricket, Olympics, American Football, Ice Hockey…and any other event you can think of!

24/7 Entertainment Option

Every venue is looking for more and better entertainment options to draw in the crowds.

Live music isn’t cheap and the result can be hit and miss…

Trivia nights seem to work but you can’t run one every night of the week!

Poker Competitions are still somewhat effective at some venues but the players tend not to spend much money (and, again, you can’t run poker every night of the week)

A SuperScreen will work for you for as many hours as you are open and for comparatively cheaper than many other entertainment options.

Convinced about a SuperScreen? Read on to find out why LED is the only logical option for BIG Screens…

Why LED?

If you are convinced about putting a BIG screen into your venue then the ONLY logical option is LED. Here’s why…


If you are thinking about putting a large screen in your venue then you want a truly SUPER Screen. LED screens start at the same size as the largest Plasma’s available and get bigger from there… Additionally, LED screens are built from modular cabinets so the size can be customised to your area. You’re promoting sporting events on the BIG screen so make sure it's SUPER BIG!

Brightness & Glare

Using conventional TVs or projection in high ambient light areas such as beer gardens is impossible due to the glare on the screen and the screen not being bright enough to cope. It is not uncommon to walk into a beer garden and not be able to tell if the plasma screens are turned on or not… LED screens are glare-proof and output a far brighter picture than any conventional option (up to 12 times brighter than a plasma). LED is truly the ONLY solution in highly lit areas.


LED has a very long useful life – 100,000 hours is the rule-of-thumb for an LED screen. At 16 hours a day, 365 days a year, this equates to a massive 17 years. Coupled with this, LED is also very serviceable and repairable, meaning if anything does go wrong it can be fixed easily.


LED as a technology is extremely stable and reliable. LEDs themselves have been around for years and they virtually never fail. The smart part of LED screens is the hardware that controls the LEDs and turns the thousands of tiny LEDs into a picture – it too is extremely reliable and stable.

LED panels are extremely robust and are designed for harsh environments such as for use on travelling music tours and the like.

Basically, the whole package from the LEDs to the panel itself is very hard-wearing.

Cutting Edge

Let’s not dismiss the value to your clientele of you having the latest in visual display technology. LED has been used in stadiums all over the world for some time now but new improvements in technology mean it can now be used on a smaller scale in venues.

The fact that you have the latest in technology speaks very loudly to customers about your venue – it sends the right message!

If you are convinced about putting a BIG screen into your venue and convinced that LED is the only solution, then ANSO SuperScreens is your obvious choice of partner. Here’s why…

Knowledge & Experience

LED SuperScreens are a unique product so you need to ensure you are dealing with LED specialists. You wouldn’t want your GP to perform heart surgery…nor should you want generalist AV firms to supply your LED.

ANSO SuperScreens have combined experience of over 50 years in LED and our key personnel have been involved in thousands of projects, including many of the major installations in Australia and abroad. Additionally, our team has many years of experience providing visual display solutions to the hospitality market all over Australia – we know what works and why! Let our specialists share that knowledge as we partner you through your project.


Passion goes a long way to making any project a success. We love, live and breathe LED!

We'll be as excited about your LED project as you will!

This passion and excitement means you can rest assured that the result is as important to us as it is to you, not just initially but right through the long life of the product.

A Screen perfectly customised to your area

Not only can we custom design a screen to be the right size for your area, we can also tailor it to your needs in terms of brightness, water resistance (right up to waterproof) and even resistance to salt air. Through many years of consultation, research & development we have come up with a range of LED products optimised for the harsh Australian environment.

A Partner Right Through the Project and Beyond

We partner our client’s through the whole process – from conception to installation and right through the products long life.

We provide service, maintenance and support but can also provide assistance with promotional ideas, content creation and media delivery.

Ask us about our new remote monitoring and remote servicing options for your SuperScreen.

Why NOW?

Well, with the huge range of benefits our clients are seeing from installing a SuperScreen, the benefits of LED and the benefits of dealing with ANSO SuperScreens… why would you wait?